Our Private Investigator Services in Singapore

Our private investigation company has gained great reputation among the people for helping a lot of people when doing their investigations. We have managed to gain a competitive edge over others because we understand the different investigative needs of all our clients. Regardless of the type of private investigation that you need, we can apply the right investigative methodologies to meet all the needs of our clients. Our investigators offer services ranging from commercial, family case, overseas and many other forms of private investigations. Our high level of investigation that we provide is what has made many of our clients to gain better confidence in all our work. Our clients have been frank and open in using or investigative services and reaching the right solutions for the majority of their problems. Below are some of the private investigation services that we offer.

Matrimonial Investigation

Divorce - Sad husband and wife

There are a lot of matrimonial disagreements that occur as a result of doubtful activities that arise in the life of partners. There are many situations where many marriages collapse as a result of doubts that exist between the partners. We have gained good reputation for helping in such circumstances through our professional and committed investigators. Our family and matrimonial investigation service is one of the best in the country. This is because we have been able to assist a lot of couples or spouses get the best solution to their needs.

Our private investigators Singapore will carry out special services by helping in checking and verification of facts and particulars provided to us by the families involved. Our experts perform analytical services with utmost care and observe high level privacy in all our processes. Within seven to ten days, you can be assured that your job will be completed.

Commercial Investigation

company fraud

When you want to unearth some underhand dealings in your company, hiring our private investigation services is your best option. We do offer several services including identification of fraud and theft cases, commercial investigation of staff and perform surveillance on the dealings of business management administrators. Our services are vital for the success of your business because we can help avoid a lot of issues that might arise. We can help you achieve your desired goals because private investigations are key strategies that must be adopted by all businesses. With our high level expertise, you can be assured of getting the best results from the services that we provide. We observe high level confidentiality so, you can have peace of mind that there is no business information that will leak to your business competitors.

Overseas Investigation


We do offer overseas investigation that involves overseas cases. Our experts offer the services with high level integrity and professionalism. This saves you the cost of having to hire an overseas private detective firm to do the surveillance for people who live abroad. We have the require resources that will help deal with all the challenges that might be brought about by geographical barriers. Our experts also perform high quality gathering of intelligence, so that you have all the information you need to make great decisions in your life.