There are people who have not yet realized the many services a private investigator can offer. The industry is full of professional, ethical and moral individuals. There are private investigators that specialize in some fields while others are full service agents. The many services private investigators provide and which you may not be familiar with include the following:

Adultery/infidelity investigation

Sometimes, engaging an investigator to check on your spouse can be a hard decision although remaining in the dark is even worse. A private detective can assist you uncover the truth in a confidential, discreet and professional manner. Singapore private investigators take photos/images and video recordings in legal and professional manner. This way, they are able to come up with better footages that you can use in a court proceeding if need arises.

Premarital checks

Marriage can be a great event in your life. However, if you start questioning some attitudes or behaviors in your partner while still in the premarital relationship, a professional investigator can help you in gathering the truth and also present it through a discreet investigation. Furthermore, with the growth of online dating, performing a safe dating check is important. This way, you will avoid getting into a volatile or a dangerous situation.

Monitoring your child movement

If your child leaves the house early, but returns late at night or at other times they even don’t return home for the night. Private detective Singapore can assist you know whether your child is telling you the truth or not. They can also help you find out exactly what your child has been up to.

They are experienced in movement monitoring and mostly in child movement. Therefore, they can help you monitor your child and provide you with information about their whereabouts and what they are engaging themselves with. This is the first step you can take to assist your child.

Child custody

Singapore Private investigators have dealt with child custody cases and they therefore understand the fears and anxieties you face when working on a divorce especially where your child is involved. Winning the child custody can put you in better position and allow you to begin a new life as soon as possible. Therefore, you should engage private investigators in custody cases to realize the many benefits.

Employee investigation

In today’s society, you should consider performing a background check on any potential employee. You can also perform a background check on your business partner, a staff member, a nanny or a household employee. All private investigators have access to the information that is not available to the general public. They also have useful skills in digging into an individual’s history.

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