Procedures in Fraud Investigation

The Fundamental Step

Expert private investigators with the ability to follow well designed procedures when carrying out fraud investigation get reliable and best results at the end. The first thing they do is perform an analysis and consider the risk of fraud occurring or consider if it happened. The professionals must perform general analysis in order to determine if it is worth carrying out the investigation. Doing the analysis is vital because it helps find logical facts that give support to the fraud allegation in order to come up with grounds for carrying out an investigation. This is necessary in order to avoid situations that can lead to legal liabilities. Investigation procedure should be implemented in a skillful manner in order to have credible findings.

Examination and recovery of evidence

To establish the merits of the complaints made by the clients, a professional investigator is required to carry out comprehensive asset searches, background check of the employee and make him or her familiar with the procedures used by the institutions. After carrying out successful examination and good clarification of all the questions provided by the client, the investigator moves on if there is enough evidence.

When investigation starts, the client is required to cooperate fully with the private investigator during the entire process. Recovery of evidence after the examinations involves gathering of written and recorded statements. It also involves the use of video and audio techniques. Here our private detectives use their expertise to make interpretation of the available evidence and establish the one that is most important. Retrieving evidence is crucial in the entire investigation process.

Asking witnesses or other accomplices questions

At this level the facts are already established. During this stage, the investigator questions witnesses in order to determine how the suspects got involved. From the questionings, our private detective will make judgment on how credible each person is in order know who is involved and the one who is not involved. At the beginning, the investigator will ask simple questions and move on to more specific questions on what happened. There is a wide range of techniques that can be used by a private investigator to determine interviewees who might be lying or holding some crucial information. At the end of the process the professional will be able to determine any other person who might have been involved.

Fraud Investigation summary

Carrying out examination of fraud report involves a comprehensive summary of the entire investigation. This involves showing how fraud occurred, estimated loss and recovery, responsible stakeholders and the final deposition by the investigators. The fraud investigator and client then perform various actions that need to be taken to control occurrences of fraud in the future. In case the investigations sustain a criminal case, the investigator recommends that law enforcement authorities be involved in the case.

Hiring private investigators for commercial success

A private investigator is your best bet when you want to unearth any underhand dealings in your business. These professionals offer a wide range of services including commercial investigations on employees, identifying cases of theft and fraud in the business, and carrying out surveillance on the dealings of a business’s management team and/or


administrators. While a private investigator Singapore can be very beneficial to your business’s success, you have to hire a professional detective for the best investigative services.

A private detective works in an inconspicuous way by ensuring that his/her services are as discreet as possible for them not to be noticeable by the person/team being investigated. Private investigations are crucial commercial management strategies that should be adopted by every business aiming at achieving its goals and targets. However, for the best results, it is important that a business hires professional private investigators Singapore who are well experienced and reputable. The reasons for hiring professional detectives are:


Private investigations are very complex as they involve gathering data from previous dealings of the business being investigated, finding out personal details of employees, and tracking all the operations of the business to identify if there are any fraudulent dealings. Due to the sensitivity of these investigations including the legal procedures that need to be observed while carrying out investigations, expertise is very important. In addition to this, such detectives have unlimited access to different databases from where they get their information from.


As a commercial investigator, a private detective needs to ensure that he/she works with utmost confidentiality. If the person or business being investigated realizes that their movements are being watched, they change their behaviors and ways of doing business. For instance, if you have a problem in your business that you need to be investigated, the confidentiality of the detective you will hire will go a long way in helping you identify what’s wrong in the business. Additionally, an investigator should carry out his/her investigations discreetly without putting your safety, identity and security at risk.

In the commercial sector, if a problem is not identified and solved at the earliest possible instance, it can cause rot to the whole business and cripple its operations. This is why you need to hire a Singapore private investigator who understands the importance of transparency in the running of a business. Contrary to common belief, women are as effective as men when it comes to carrying out private investigations. In fact, women detectives may be more useful their male counterparts due to their (women’s) ability to multi-task. Also, women rarely allow their egos to cloud their imaginations and judgment. As such, they are able to read situations and act accordingly while offering their services.