We are Your Private Investigator in Singapore

At our company we provide a lot of private investigation services to all our clients. We are a one stop shop for all the private investigation needs that our clients from the different areas have. Our highly qualified private investigators can help carry out relationship, family and commercial investigations. All what you can be assured is that we have the ability to meet all your investigation needs in the most effective and professional manner. With our experience, we can handle all overseas assignments with the help of our investigators.Depressed woman willing to divorce thinking in bed

If you need an expert to move abroad to do some investigation to your partner or any other person that matters in your life, we can assist you in this. Our professional will help you attain your objectives. They will assist you get the exact information you need, so that you can make a more informed decision. We have a large network of private investigators who know all what it takes to handle all the assignments with the needed high level expertise.

When you want any form of commercial investigations to be done on your behalf, we have the ability to meet your needs. For instance, in case you are handling an insurance claim that is questionable, you do not have to worry a lot. We will help you gather the right information that will help you make a good decision when making the pay out. Our private investigators in Singapore will help you know whether the claimant is entitled to the payout in a genuine manner.

When you are hiring employees to your organization, it is vital to ensure that you do not make mistakes. You want to have employees with high level skills and those with good criminal records. We can help you perform pre employment checks and monitoring. Our private investigators have the right knowledge that will help them carry out background checks on your potential employees. In addition, if you would like to do monitoring on the activities of some of your employees, we will help you in this process. Note that your employees are the most important assets in your organization and in case you realise there is something wrong, our experts will assist determine what is wrong.company fraud

In case you would like to understand the experience customers have when shopping in your business, we can assist you. We shall help you understand the actual situation on the ground, so that you can make the right improvement on your customer service. Our investigators have the ability to play the role of a mystery shopper and give you the right feedback.

If a person who is close to you go missing, it might be hard to locate them. You might not even know how and when to start. Our private investigators have the right knowledge to help locate a missing person. This is regardless of whom the person might be including ex spouse, debtor, relative or even a friend. We also carry out non commercial investigation services such as investigating your partner and others that help reveal some truth that you do not know.