A large percentage of people do not know the importance of working with a private investigator. This might be out of ignorance or they do not have knowledge in this field. Private investigation is a field with experts who demonstrate high level professionalism, ethics and high level morality. There are professional private investigators who do specialize in different fields while others are just full service agents. As your private investigator in Singapore, we are ready to help you with all the types of investigation that you might need. Our private investigators have high level qualification and experience in this field, so you can expect the best from us. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Infidelity/Adultery Private Investigation

Our private investigators can help in checking your spouse. This can be a tough decision for you to make, but it is better to work with us instead of remaining in the dark on what might be happening with your partner. Our private detective will assist you get the truth of the matter in a confidential, professional and discreet way. We take images or photos and recording of videos in a professional and legal manner. By doing this, we are able to come up with great footage that you can use in court.

Premarital checks

Marriage is one of the most important events that will happen in your life. It is possible that you might be in doubts about the behaviours or attitude of your partner. Our investigator can assist you get out the truth and present this truth in a discreet and professional manner. With the increased popularity of online dating, it is very crucial that you be attentive. As your private investigator, we can assist you avoid getting into a dangerous or volatile situation.

Monitor the movement of your child

Children have become a major stress to parents in the modern days. Our investigators have ample experience and qualifications in child monitoring. As your private investigator Singapore we can help to expose whether your children are telling you the truth of where they were. We can also help you understand all the things that your children were doing when they were away. They have many years of experience in monitoring the movement of your child. Thus, we get information that can help you assist your child in the most effective manner.

Custody of children

We have been dealing with issues of child custody for many years. We do know all the anxieties and fears our clients go through especially in divorce. Our experts can help you with the child custody and help you start a new life as fast as possible after the divorce or separation. With our child custody services, you can be assured of getting a lot of benefits.

Investigation of your employees

Carrying a background check on your employees is very vital. This is regardless as to whether the person is your business employee, nanny, household employee or staff member in your office. Doing the background check helps you get an employee without bad history that can put yourself in problems. As your private Investigator Singapore, we have the ability to get information that the general public cannot access.


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